Easter Egg Alternative - Baker Days

April 15, 2014

 Baker Days - Letterbox Cake*

Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate but when it's Easter and you end up getting chocolate eggs galore, you get a bit sick of them. Baker Days are something that I feature on my blog now and then and they are the perfect gift for Easter instead of a boring chocolate egg, even better you can personalise them! This beauty was sent out to me and it has my name on how cute. They are more expensive than your standard Easter egg at £14.99 but you get them delivered, they come in a cute tin, it's personalised, and they come with Love Hearts. That makes is justifiable right?

They're also perfect for sharing, they may look small but they are filling and taste amazing. I have a few people in mind that this would be perfect for. This one is vanilla sponge inside, however if you can't resist the classic chocolate you can select that filling too! They're perfect as they also have gluten free and dairy free fillings as well, something for everyone. They also do cupcakes and birthday cakes, so something for every occasion - check them out! 

Do you get sick of chocolate around this time too?
Gemma x

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