Impulse Designer Fragrance - Be Surpised

April 08, 2014

Impulse - Be Suprised*

I'm pretty sure everybody knows what Impulse is? It's that fragrance that everybody carries in their bag because it's easily portable and smells ah-mazing. Impulse have recently brought out their new designer fragrance which was redesigned by the noses of Dior, and Calvin Klein. The collection involves 12 designer fragrances, one for every mood and scent, including this beauty called 'Be Suprised'. It's a very exotic scent with a mix of violets and red fruits giving you that boost anywhere you go. This is something I will be taking on holiday with me as they are so handy and really do smell lovely, a great boost in the day when you're drying from the pool to get something to eat!

These handy fragrances retail at an affordable £1.99 available nationwide. Get your hands on one to keep you smelling sweat throughout the Summer days. 

Gemma x

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