Marc Cain Event

April 04, 2014

The other week I went to the Marc Cain event along with my buddy Sharon, her sister and my sister (who are now both bloggers). Silly blogger move, I forgot to bring my camera and snap away the lovely collection, however they had a photographer outside the building to snap us with some of our favourite clothing. Funnily enough, everyone went for their jackets which were honestly to die for. I love my grey one, it was light but kept me warm enough, the perfect length and the perfect fit. I really loved the oversized look and it was so soft. Marc Cain is more of a designer brand as opposed to high street but you can tell from the quality instantly. 

You know when you're so surprised by a collection as you thought it wouldn't be your style. A lot of us said we hadn't seen a collection with practically every coat we need to own. Noticed how I said need, just trying to justify to myself why I need to get this jacket. I'm so impressed with the collection, bring on AW14! 

Gemma x

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