3 Step Eyebrow Tutorial

June 06, 2014

I love eyebrows and I take a lot of care into mine. Quite a few people compliment on my eyebrows and ask me how I keep them so well groomed, the answer is honestly not that much! A part from plucking/threading them every few weeks I fill them in everyday to make them look nice and full. Below I have done a few short steps and the products I used to get my eyebrows looking thick. Of course you can use your own products and shades!

Products Used:
MAC Brown Eyeshadow
Pointed Eyeshadow Brush
Maybelline Brow Pencil*
Maybelline Brow Drama - Dark Blonde*

Step 1: 
Using a similar coloured eyeshadow and pointed eyeshadow brush, outline the shape of your desired brow.

Step 2:
Once outlines, use a similar coloured brow pencil to gently fill in any areas of your eyebrow to make them look fuller and thicker. You can either use this in a few different areas or for the whole of the eyebrow.

Step 3: 
Use a sculpting product to keep the brow in place. I use Maybelline Brow Drama as it not only holds the brow in place for the hole day it also colours my eyebrow hairs as some are light blonde. This helps them look thicker too! You can also add a highlighter to the arch of the brow to make them look more defined if you like.

Gemma x

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