Perfect Father's Day Gift

June 05, 2014

(Currently at Fragrance Direct they are giving away free gift's when you purchase a bottle!)

I know that my dad is super hard to buy for as he always ends up buying things himself. A usual safe bet is that I would get him the same aftershave that he already wears as I know that 1) he likes it and 2) he will definately use it. However, Lacoste  have recently brought out their new fragrance called Lacoste L!VE and for me it is the perfect Father's day gift! The packaging is very urban and cool and don't even get me started on the scent... It honestly is probably the best men's fragrance I've smelt, it's similar to a Lynx type of smell. Let's put it this way, every guy that my dad has hung around with have complimented him on this scent saying how much they like it. It's also a strong scent so it will last you a while!

My dad is so happy with this fragrance and I'm glad I took the gamble with it and tried something different. Have you decided what you are getting for your dad?

Gemma x

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