Radical Skincare

July 25, 2014

 The other day I was invited down to the Radical Skincare event. I had heard of Radical Skincare before but I have to admit I didn't know much about the brand. The brand was discovered by two lovely sisters called Rachel and Liz. Not only did I learn a lot about the brand and how much time was spent on creating each amazing product but also the story behind being Radical. Saying yes, three simple letters that carry so much power. We created a mood board at the event including images of things we wanted to achieve by a certain time, we created goals from perfect skin to visiting specific areas. It was such an empowering event that I'm still feeling super positive!

One of the sets I received from the event was the Hydrafirm set. What I love about this is that it include instructions on the back on how to use the products within your routine. Super helpful! The hydrafirm combats dryness, wrinkles and dull skin and I will be trying this in a few weeks once my skin has calmed down a little bit. I will let you know the results!

Gemma x

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