After Holiday Skincare

September 09, 2014

Personally, before a holiday I will spend a good week prepare my skin for holiday. From exfoliators to new body creams I want to make my skin as soft and as clean as possible so that I can get that little bit of extra tan. However, when it comes to post holiday I wouldn't have a clue how to maintain my tan except from a gradual tanning moisturiser. 

A part from Dove doing an amazing nourishing body wash range which is my go to, they have recently launched their new product which is a body wash which helps lengthen that tan after a holiday. The ingredients such as sunflower oil help achieve this. When at the event they compared this new product to another high street body wash brand and we saw with our own eyes how dove is so soft on our skin that it doesn't take away any of our natural oils, compared to the other body wash which was. 

After being on holiday I actually have found this to work. For a quick 2 minutes in the shower putting this body wash on I have still got a colour on my legs 2 weeks later. Something I will be purchasing every summer!

Gemma x

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