St Ives 7 Day Challenge - Day 1

October 01, 2014

Very recently St Ives got in touch asking me if I wanted to take part in their 7 Days Challenge, and of course I said yes! St Ives believe that nature is the ultimate antidote to dullness which is why they have created their Apricot Scrub to transform dull skin into radiant skin. The challenge is all involves 7 products for 7 days including their Apricot Scrub to use 3-4 times a week. The products will help prep my skin to unveil my natural beauty and I'm going to share my journey with you guys! At the end, I will hopefully have enough confident to show you my bare face!

Day 1
Start the week by taking care of your skin inside and out (Water Bottle and St. Ives Scrub)

So this is the first day of the challenge and involves using their amazing apricot scrub which smells amazing! It's so lovely and gentle on my skin and actually makes it look a tad more radiant already. The product is 100% natural which is major thumbs up from me too! I've used the Brita water bottle which is so cool, who knew I could get so excited over filtered water! So far so good, I'm feeling ready and energised!

Check back on Friday for Day 2 and Day 3!
Gemma x

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