Yankee Candle - Witches Brew

October 30, 2014

Buy me a candle, I will be your friend. Buy me a Yankee Candle and I'll be your best friend - seriously. I don't know what it is about Yankee Candles but I just love them. Not only do I think they look so cute but they also smell amazing. This little number by Yankee Candles is called Witches Brew. I've never tried one of their Halloween renditions but I have to admit they look pretty cool. Even if you have a few floating about in your house it really gives it a cool little edge. 

Now this one wouldn't have been my first choice scent as it reminds me of pot pourri however once you light it and it burns for a bit it actually smells lovely and gives the room a warm scented feel. I've also only ever had the mini candles and this was a big old jar so it has lasted for ages already. I'm not even half way through! Yankee candles are such cute gifts, plus this is another excuse for you to purchase one, it's all in the spirit of halloween right?

Gemma x

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