W7 Colourways Review

November 03, 2014

 Coloured hair seems to be everywhere at the minute from mermaid green to candyfloss pink but I've always been way too scared to take the plunge which is why W7 colourways is perfect for something a little less permanent but just as fun. I was kindly sent out these three shades to try out, my cousin came over one weekend and had always wanted pink ombre so I thought who better to try these on? 

To achieve this ombre effect I simply took sections of the hair and applied the colour to the bottoms of the hair and rubbed in well. I then used a comb to brush this through slowly going higher and higher to get the ombre look. After 10-15 minutes I rinsed this out and styled as above. WARNING - use gloves, I used the dark pink and my hands were completely stained thankfully I got the colour out in the end. Also make sure you do a hair test to see how long you should leave the colour on as it really does vary dramatically for each person.My cousin said the colour washed out the next day however my auntie who I also tried it on said that it lasted a bit longer than that. Be prepared for a week tops I would say.

Gemma x

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