Christmas Jumpers Galore

November 05, 2014

I am not ashamed to admit that I love a good Christmas jumper and that it has become a personal tradition to find a new one every year to rock around the house. I find that a lot of the jumpers are usually the same every year and I rarely get to find that unique print until I came across British Christmas Jumpers. These guys actually design jumpers for brands like River Island and ASOS and are usually low key but this year they want to spread the word and I think everyone should know about them! 

My favourite has to be the middle one for wearing around the house when family/friends come over etc as it's such a cool design that I've never seen before. For wearing outside the house the bottom left has to be my fav I love the colour and those penguins are super cute. The jumpers are pretty reasonably priced and are all made in GB!

Gemma x

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