Night In with JUST EAT

December 09, 2014

 *(Just Eat kindly paid for the takeaway)

Recently my dad has been working so hard around the house from decorating it with Christmas Lights to doing a lot of handy jobs, so I thought the perfect surprise and treat for him would be to relax with a takeaway. My dad is a fussy person when it comes to food so JUST EAT was the perfect place to order from, I was able to do it secretively online as well as choose a top restaurant from looking at the reviews. It is so easy to order and check out as well as pay online now so there is no fuss at the door or on the phone. I normally hate phoning up and having to try and communicate across the phone but now that I can just pay it all online makes life so much easier.

The food took a longer than what I was told (over an hour I was waiting) but that is really the only fault with the service that I can think of. The food was really tasty, and I mean reaaalllyy tasty, it was also presented lovely and most of all it was so easy to do/order. When I usually have a takeaway it's because I'm too tired to cook so being easy to order with JUST EAT is just what you want. Overall, I'm really pleased with JUST EAT, I hadn't used them before as I usually call up. It's normally a huge pain having to spell out my address 30 times so ordering online is so much easier and efficiant! Not only that but the review for each restaurant is really helpful as you get an honest opinion on the quality of the restaurant, it’s also really hand to filter what type of cuisine you want so it’s all very easy! A massive thank you to JUST EAT!

Gemma x

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