May 07, 2015

 I think as we get older we naturally get into different stuff and one of those things for me was decor. Now I don't have the biggest space to decorate or the most money to spend on cute little vintage numbers but I would like to thing I find a few keepers here and there. I haven't shown my full room but instead a few little ornaments etc that are probably my favourite and are all very affordable. A part from the little elephant my friend brought my from South Africa, everything is really accessible so you won't be needing to go to any secret car boot sales! 

I think Tiger is one of my favourite places to shop for home decor, they have some fantastic little pieces like the glass jewellery holder and mini clock at such an affordable price. I think they were both £3/£4 each? I actually grabbed the Primark candle holder in the sale believe it or not! It came with some candles etc and I think was around £2 - bargain! The diffusers you can get from anywhere but I loved the style of the one in the pictures as it's very chic! You can grab them in a pack of 5 at boots if I remember correctly... When it comes to lights I think this is where you can really get creative, I'm pretty sure this one came from Ikea and it has little glass hearts around which reflect beautifully in my room and again I don't think it was any more than £20! Lastly, my beloved 'G' cup from Oliver Bonas. Not really a decor but I love it so much that I do put it on show and I have even brought my whole family their own initial. This is slightly pricey for a cup at £10 but it's fantastic quality and sometimes you can treat yourself!

Gemma x

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  1. I have that lamp, it's so pretty! Some great pieces you've picked up there for for affordable prices.Great pics too :)

    Paula ♥ | xo