May 06, 2015

I will be completely honest and say I have never really used a serum before I was given this beauty by Jurlique and if you asked me what serum's do I would have not a single clue. About a week ago I attended a press day where Jurlique happened to also be. So, I took a seat to hear about their new products and also about the science behind them as I'm always interested on what is out there. This is where I found my new addition to my skincare routine, their daily moisture balancing serum. Serums are simply an intense moisturiser which penetrate into your skin instead of moisturisers which sit on the outside.

 I have been using this for about a week everyday in the morning and I love the way it makes my skin feels. My skin is 10x softer and feels more smooth than ever. I think the best tip I was given with this product is to press it into your skin so it can penetrate into your skin as opposed to rubbing it in. It sinks into your skin really quickly and doesn't leave any stickiness which is great. I also really love the light rose fragrance it has as well as the beautiful packaging. It is glass and so chic that you want to keep it on your dresser! I'm now addicted to serums and don't think this will be leaving my routine for a long time! 

Do you use a serum?
Gemma x

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  1. Stunning photo <3 I don't use a serum but I am looking for one to try