May 10, 2015

 If you're like me and when you want to relax you instantly think 'BATH!' then you need to get this little addition in your life! I recently went to the Ted Baker event showcasing their new bath and body collection which has had a slight spring clean. The collection is called Sugar Sweet and has two scents, Fruity Floral Mint and Soft Floral Pink. The collection consists of a variety of products from body sprays to lotions to lip balms and may I add very affordable! 

This bubble bath caught my eye straight away as it screamed luxury and pampering and is something I needed to own! The packaging is what tops it off as it is all glass with a lovely rose gold trademark touch at the top of the bottle. It almost makes me want to have it constantly sit at the side of my bath. The scent is not too over powering but enough to feel cleansed and relaxed. It produces a decent amount of bubbles with just a small scoop added to the running water. I love using this and it is now my go to bubble bath, more of an excuse to have baths and relax now!

Gemma x

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  1. The packaging!!! Looks amazing - I would buy it just for decoration lol looks adorable, need to get this x


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