June 20, 2015

I recently did a post about the 5:2 brand which are exclusively at Superdrug and how easy they are to put into your diet. These milkshakes are by the far the easiest to incorporate, especially the bottles as you can just pick them up and go. Like I mentioned before I don't follow the diet religiously but am happy to incorporate it here and there so these are great for a pick me up in the afternoon instead of having 2 (or 10) biscuits. 

So I tried both flavours and I must say I prefer the banana by far but then again I'm not a fan of strawberry flavoured products as much. The strawberry box you see comes with 4 packets inside and what is great about it is you only need to add water instead of milk like a lot of other brands. It's super easy to make you simply put a sachet, 250ml water and some ice and then shake together! They're great if you want to start getting healthier but want to get into it slowly!

Gem x 

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