June 21, 2015

You are probably sat there thinking, Gemma, what on earth do you mean with the title, but let me explain. As Summer approaches you naturally begin to change up your make up bag which usually consist of changing lipstick shades and foundation types however here are some of my products which a lot of people don't think about but I recommend to help achieve that summer vibe! 

I teamed up with Makeup Forever who are now officially sold in Debenahms (thank the lord!) and they sent me out a few products so let me begin. Powder it probably not one of the most unusual of the group but really makes a different. With the sun being out you skin is a lot more visible and you want to try to cake as little as possible. However, if you don't have the greatest skin like me you can't skip powder! This product is amazing as not only does it leave your skin superrrrrr smooth but it doesn't cake your face, it takes away the majority of the oil on your skin but leaves a slight highlight to your skin if needed - perfect for the summer!

Second 'unusual' product is mascara. I associate summer with freshness and I feel to not look so tired comes from the eyes! By changing up your mascara to a slightly more lengthening and defining one like this one by Makeup Forever will really open your eyes and give you that fresh look! Carrying on from this, I feel that the brows also help with this and also help define the face. I usually use powder but during Summer i tend to stay away from it as much as possible. Makeup Forever offer this amazing waterproof gel which stays on and defines your brows so nicely! It also comes in this cute packaging so you can't really say no can you...

I hope these little tips helped and inspired you in some way!
Gem x

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