August 24, 2015

I think you guys must know by now that I am a Wilkinson Sword fan so when they asked me if I want to participate in their exciting challenge how was I going to turn that down? The challenge was to put your best leg forward and recreate my own favourite bare leg moment. They send out the most beautiful box including the NEW Hydro Silk Bikini Razor, Nip + Fab Leg Cream, a £50 Topshop Voucher and a Selfie Stick to help catch that perfect moment. I'm so glad they included the Hydro Silk Bikini Razor as it is literally my favourite. I've not had smoother legs in my life and it has the perfect sized head to not had to cut up your ankles... While I obviously used this on my legs it is designed for the bikini area in particular and even comes with a trimmer on the end!

Now as you can see, my very classic 'lelfie' isn't in the UK as it is sunny! The other weekend I went away with some of my good friends from University as you may or may not know that I have recently graduated and as of September the 1st I am officially a Year 5 teacher! We decided to celebrate our achievements we would take a very short trip away in the sun and have a nice relaxing time by the pool sipping cocktails which of course I strongly agreed to. 

A lot of people have congratulated me on graduating and always ask 'You must be proud of yourself!'. Honestly? Not really... It really hasn't kicked in until now as I'm writing this post. I didn't see graduation as a big moment for me, or anything special in particular. But when I look at this photograph and remember the moments of it, I guess it does in a way symbolise how far I've come. Who would of thought that I would be 21 with a real life 'adulty' job?! Even though it's just a picture of my (very smooth) legs, the moment I was in, I would of never even imagined to be in a couple of year ago. So I guess now I can say yes, I am proud.

Gemma x

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