October 27, 2015

As you guys know, the clocks went back this Sunday which not only means an extra hour of sleep (yay!) but also an extra hour to make a difference and why not get your skin winter-ready! Dove kindly sent me out a hamper of goodies to get involved with this campaign and share some of my top tips with you guys to help moisturise your skin at no time at all! I also love using their gentle exfoliater with these tips as it is super soft of my skin and leaves it smooth after one shower!

·         5 mins: Before getting into the shower take 5 minutes to vigorously sweep a body brush up the arms, legs and back towards the heart. This stimulates lymphatic circulation, which helps you to eliminate toxins effectively and feel energized for the day.

·         10 mins: For an at-home remedy, try using banana to moisturise your skin and leave it looking and feeling softer. Mash up a medium-sized ripe banana into a smooth paste, then gently apply it to your face and neck. Let it set for 10 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water.

·         5 mins: Bring a sense of hotel luxury into your bathroom. Use mood lighting with the dimmer switch and tea lights. Low lighting gives the brain a message that it’s time to relax.

·         10 mins: Exfoliation gently removes dry skin cells from the surface, allowing moisturisers to function effectively. Give skin the superior care it deserves with Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash

·         10 mins: Different massage movements in the shower can help various parts of your body; for example long strokes up the legs help to stimulate circulation, and spiralling movements around your neck and shoulders help to loosen any knots.

·         10 mins: Put on moisturiser when your skin is still damp. That way, the moisturiser helps retain the moisture still on your skin. Let it soak in for a few minutes, and then towel off the excess.

  • 10 mins: As the weather gets colder, we have the urge to switch on the heating but hot air can be damaging to our skin. Use a humidifier for short periods of time in a well-ventilated room and keep the door closed so that moist air doesn’t escape… Or place a bowl of wet rice on top of your radiator to put some moisture back into the room and your skin.

Such super simple tips to help your skin get winter-ready! Have you got any tips of your own?
Gemma x

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