October 27, 2015

So I was wondering around the other day thinking what I could do for halloween. Something that has really kicked off if the whole halloween makeup fx so I decided that I would have a go at some looks but first I had to get the products. Now I had no idea whether I would be any good at it so I didn't want to splash out on the fancy products yet just it case it ended up looking a mess and I had wasted my money. 

I decided to have a look in the pound shop as even though the quality might not be that good it was worth playing around with to practise some ideas. I picked up the black and white cream for £1 and this really cool blue wig for £1. Since trying them out I've decided to keep the products as they are actually really good and I love how the designs have come out! If you're going to use these products I recommended putting over eye shadow on top to secure the cream! 

Make sure you look in your local pound shop as you could save loads this Halloween!
Gemma x

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