May 22, 2016

Guys, I think you can tell by now I just use the seasons as an excuse to try different products out, but it's ok right? Not only do I love finding new products for my skin I think it actually is important to change your skin routine up every now and then as your skin will change. Regardless of what type of weather it is though, I will always stick with a trusted brand, especially when it's Summer and I kind of want that perfect skin yano?

Neutrogena is definitely one of those brand that I trust as it has been around for ages and has loads of goodness packed up in their products. I was sent a cleanser, wipes and some CC cream, all that I would wear during Summer. I always pack wipes with me and you never know when your face might melt, plus this smell amazing! Pink Grapefruit is my new fav scent! CC creams are honestly not my favourite as I always hate the texture of them however these ones are probably the best I've found so far. They're not thick and sticky, they glide on well giving you a tiny bit of coverage! Exactly what you need for Summertime. The oil-in-lotion is just heaven!!! After a long day at work, come home, get your pjs on and just lather this into your skin, trust me! It makes my skin feel sooooooo soft and it's just a nice alternative to cream!

What are you changing up this Summer?
Gemma x

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