June 12, 2016

I don't know how and I don't know why but there always seems to be that one weekend just before Summer that I get my body 'Summer Ready'. For me, that include changing up my skin routine, face masks and shaving. When it comes to shaving I've been a lot more careful in what I pick as I have really noticed that it can make a huge difference. For the past few years I have solely used Wilkinson Sword products as I find the results were better with their razor and they have such a fun range of products, including this one! 

My favourite will always be this blue one but I was recently sent out the Quattro for Woman Raspberry Rain, which delivers a high performance shave with the convenience, hygiene and value of a disposable with delicious raspberry scented handles! They are super handy to pop in your bag or for a quick weekend area as I can't be the only one who forgets last minute that I need to shave my legs. 

So I decided to test he 'convenience' category of this product, I was going swimming and had not shaved my legs yet so out comes this beauty. I had around 5 minutes to apply shaving foam and shave my legs, which for me is a tight squeeze as I usually like to take my time. Surprisingly, the results were pretty good, with only one stroke almost all hair had been removed. My legs felt super soft and I could smell the raspberry scent which made it more enjoyable. I do recommend these 100% for a holiday/weekend way as they are so handy and despite being a disposable, they still do the job without having to shave your legs 5 times!

Gemma x

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