August 05, 2016

Last week, Dove invited me down to my first ever racing experience at Goodwood along with some other gorgeous bloggers/press for an exclusive experience which included delicious food, popping prosecco and a preview of the 100 colour dress which Gok Wan has created. Now this year, Dove were the sponsors of Goodwood and I couldn't think of a more perfect time, especially for their Invisible Dry Deodorant! If you're like me, I rarely wear that much colour unless it's this sort of occasion so what a perfect excuse to try out their Invisible Dry Deodorant which claims to leave no white marks on 100 colours (I know we have all had that experience)! 

Well I will put it out there now that the deodorant did in fact leave no white marks on my lovely blue dress and I guess in sense the deodorant encouraged me to pick a lighter and brighter colour to wear - especially if I knew that no marks would be left on it. This deodorant kept me from sweating throughout the hot beginning to the day and actually gives you 48 hour protection, although I wouldn't suggest leaving it that long haha. I was a bit nervous that morning as I had just shaven my armpits and was expecting a slight stinging sensation but it was actually so delicate on my skin which is probably because it contains 1/4 moisturising cream. This is definately one I will be keeping in my bag for all occasions! 

Moving on to this amazing 100 colour dress (which you can see in my blog), Gok Wan has partnered up with Dove to create a real-life dress made from 100 colours. The colours have been chosen by UK women who voted on colours they feel the most confident in and it was actually unveiled on the day at Goodwood! Now I will be honest in that I was a bit skeptical on how this dress would look, you would think that 100 colours on a dress could be... overwhelming? But actually, when seeing it, it's a dress that even I would be happy to rock on a nice occasion or Summer's day! What do you think?

To see what I got up to at Goodwood, watch my short vlog at the top of this post!

Gemma x

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