August 06, 2016

I never used to be a fan of the whole idea of flowers but now I literally love them. I think it's so sweet when you get flowers for any occasion as it's just a personal touch, plus I think they are fantastic decor for around the house. I have worked with BlossomingGifts on a few occasions and have never been let down by their quality of flowers and service! They even add a nice such as chocolates or alcohol to some of their bouquets, and in terms of bouquets there is a huge range! I have always liked using them as not only are they able to post your flowers but they have fantastic prices with great offers! 

I decided to go for these white roses as they are such elegant flowers (and i'm far from haha!) and I thought they would add a nice touch to my white room as you can see! I think once a month every girl should treat themselves to a nice bouquet of flowers! Roses can sometimes look very scruffy, especially white roses, but when they came in the post they still looked as beautiful as they did on the website which is a first! They come beautifully packaged so a great present for a friend/relative too. 

I have an exclusive discount for you guys with a whopping 33% off using the code BGIFT33 meaning these flowers for £32 would only cost roughly £21! 

Gemma x

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