August 09, 2016

 If you didn't know already, I am naturally light haired and for about a year I had dyed my hair to a 'semi-permanent' dark brown/black colour. The reason why I say 'semi-permanent' is that it never came out, it sort of permanently stained my hair. So when I wanted to go blonde, it wasn't as easy as it looked. Previously I had a full head of highlights which you can see in my before photos and while it turnt out a lot lighter than before, there was a huge different between my roots and mid-lengths where the dye had permanently stained my hair. I decided that for the next few visits I would go the salon to get it professionally done but wanted a salon that I trusted. While you usually hear different things about different salons, I hadn't actually heard anything negative about Rush as well as my previous experience being fantastic! 

I went in with the idea in that I could come out Khloe Kardashian blonde with a shorter do but through consultation with Darren (who was amazing) he had suggested that I blended the whole of my hair first to get an even blonde shade before having a balayage/ombre look. I went for a half head of highlights and if you look at the results, my hair has already started to even out and become a more over-all blonde. It's still not as light as I want it but I will go back for a full head of highlights with a perhaps stronger bleach.

The team at Rush were very friendly and for once I felt comfortable and looked after! Darren would constantly check on me and you could tell he knew what he was doing. We spoke in detail of what I wanted beforehand and he talked me through the whole process including a product he used on my hair by Loreal called smartbond. It's a strengthening service which is added to the colour in salon to help prevent further damage during the colour process. Despite the amount of bleach that went onto my head, my hair was softer than ever and felt healthier than ever! I'm very happy with the blunt cut too!

Overall, I had a really good experience in the salon with friendly but professional service. I would definately come back and suggest this salon to anyone who is looking to get their hair coloured!

Gemma x

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