August 11, 2016

 The festival seasons are beginning to dawn on us and Summer party vibes are flowing... Launched just in time for the sunshine, the Mailbu Rum Shop has opened its doors to help you tick off all your summer fun lovin' essentials. I can't be the only one who loves to go over the top with cool decorations to set the vibe for the evening? Well now you can get it all from one website to save you all the hastle of the last minute outing to buy whatever you can at your local shops! I was kindly enough sent out a little hamper including some of their bits such as a cool festival headband (£1.99) and their delicious Malibu Strawberry Kiwi cans (£1.98) which are also available as Asda and Sainburys!

These drinks are not only delicious and refreshing but they are also the perfect size for those impromptu picnics, parties and BBQ's! They're also a great time saver instead of you mixing up a cocktail that you can never seem to get just right. I've always been a Malibu fan but have usually had it with Lemonade or Coke, the usual... But these cans have inspired me to switch it up the Summer and add a more fruitful infusion, especially with their new Malibu Pineapple bottle! If you're interested on creating some Malibu cocktails of your own then keep your eyes peeled as I will be posting some recipes over on my blog very soon!

Gemma x

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  1. Ohh! I will have to look out for these drinks. I usually drink the Malibu & Pineapple cans. This is so summery. Love it x