August 12, 2016

I love personalised gifts, I think they are so much more thoughtful like that when they have a meaning behind them. However, I usually am the last minute gift kind of person as work always keeps me busy and I remember on the weekend when it's my only free time and a mad rush! This is why are the perfect option in these situations as not only do they personalise your cakes/cupcakes to a high quality but also offer next day delivery to be posted through their door!

I ordered a range of images to be put on the cakes from some old photographs that I had scanned in, to professional photographs and even text. Obviously, the text has come out the best but I am very impressed with the quality of the pictures as their true coloured have remained. Photographs aside, usually cakes like these don't taste as good as so much effort has gone into the photograph but oh my gosh! I think these are one of the tastiest cupcakes I've had in general, they are so rich and tasty despite having been delivered to my house, although they are freshly made. To have these kind of cupcakes done which include a message and photo, they work out around £2 per cupcake which isn't that bad if you think about how much one is when you go into a shop to buy. 

I am so impressed with the quality of these cupcakes as I did have my doubts but they were delicious and the photographs looked great! When I shared these with my family they all laughed as I opened the box because of the memories of the photographs on them. It goes to show personalising gifts really adds something else! I also have a cheeky discount code for you which is GEM10

Gemma x

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