April 03, 2017

Easter time is around the corner and while I'm sure lots of us are excited to receive lots of chocolate eggs, I think it is nice to sometimes do something a little different. What I have been thinking about doing recently is a sort of Spring/Easter box for my family which includes little Spring essentials. I know my cousins and sister are beauty fanatics and they would really love this idea, below are some small ideas of what I would include! 

Body Spray

Both men and women will appreciate having a bottle of their favorite scent. Choose a different body spray for each person, so they will know you remembered what they like. If you want to give body spray to a young person, be sure to choose a lighter scent.

EOS Lip Balm

This natural lip balm has a round shape that makes it easier to use than other types. It comes in lots of colors and flavors in multi-packs. So you can buy one pack, and divide it up between each person that you want to give it to.


Everyone needs an extra pair of soft socks to keep their feet warm in spring as it's not quite warm just yet. Pick out a personalized pair for each person on your list, especially the little ones. Be sure to choose socks that can be used no matter what the season is though. Otherwise, they will end up staying tucked in the back of a drawer most of the year.

Of course you can finish off with a few chocolatey treats as I'm sure they would go down well!
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