April 04, 2017

Nivea, another one of my favourite skincare brands have launched some very new and exciting shower innovations to give you that luxury shower experience at home while making your skin super smooth! The Nivea Silk Shower Mouse and Creme & Oil Pearls are the two new products and come in various fragrances/types. I was very kindly sent out two of the products with one being the Yiang Yiang scent which I completely love as it adds to the relaxing feeling! I love how lightweight the products are and that I could feel a difference straight from using them. I think when it comes to shower gel/wash it's so important to pick carefully as some main stream products actually strip away the good bits in your skin!!! This is one of the reason's I use Nivea as the ingredients are put together to benefit your skin and leave it feeling soft and clean. 

Do you think you will be trying out these new innovations?
Gemma x

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