August 01, 2017

 I have searched to the deaths on Pinterest for bedroom decor and how to add some quirky pieces to my room and more often than not, marble trays would appear. I love how they frame pieces on tables and make it look so put together! Ideally I would want a marble one but they can often be pricey and when you're on a budget, they're not the first thing you go to buy. Funnily enough I went to Primark the other week and found this copper framed piece where it had string across it and little copper pegs holding up cute inspirational cards (see where I'm going with this?)... For the life of me I couldn't put it anywhere in my room despite how cute it was. My mum was helping me clean one day and accidentally smashed the glass to the frame which gave me the idea!

I took out the glass and the wooden frame inside of it which held the string and inspirational cards, taped up the back and voila! Not sure you could call this a DIY or not but I'm pretty happy that I turned a frame into a tray and you couldn't even tell! I think the frame cost me around £6 so it was such a bargain and no tools involved! 

Gemma x

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