primark haul

August 30, 2011


I found this top just a i was about to go to the changing rooms, it was also the only one in my size! This top seemed like fate, it was the kind of top i've been wanting to get for a while but i had no idea how much it was. Once i got to the till and found it was £4 my shopping day was complete!

£8 each

These are my favourite tops atm from Primark. I have them in a coral and cream colour already but had to get these 2 colours - teal and pumpkin! They are slightly see through but are so lightweight and flimsy which is why i love wearing them. In the picture they look like they have a weird hem but they actually have a straight hem. The sleeves come to a really nice length and it even has a cute little pocket! I think they're great every day tops and extremely easy to dress up!


I'm not certain on how much this was, i never seem to remember how much jewellery was for some reason. Anyway, i love the jewellery Primark has but in the ended i opted for this necklace. It is quite long with a brown suade chain, the pendant is like a crystal with a copper wire wrapped around it. I loved this simple necklace with a twist, i'm looking for a white floaty top to go with this and pair it with a coloured skirt!

Gemma x

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