April 04, 2012

A while ago I was sent an OPI nail varnish is 'Lady in Black' as I had been dying to try black nails without the goth look. This nail varnish is perfect for that as it dries nice and shiny and you don't need to put layers on layers to get a opaque black. I decided to try it with this purple shimmer on top of the black, I think i got this Primark literally ages ago and here are the results...

Here is just the black with only 1 coat. Even though it's not fully opaque it is all I need for the look that I'm going for.

And here is the result, it slightly reminds me of the 'galaxy nails' that everybody has been trying out using around 5 different colours to create. This is only 2 nail varnishes and took me 5 minutes max. I really love the OPI nail varnish especially compared to my previous black nail varnishes which looked gooey. If you want a black nail varnish without the mess and not needing to put many layers on then this is the nail varnish for you!

Gemma x

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  1. wow so cool! i did a post last week on cosmic nails, should have just done this seems much more easier! thanks! x

  2. I really love this, really love the top coat. Just found your blog through Catherine Loves' girl behind the blog, I follow now! :) x x

  3. This looks absolutely incredible! I love the finished result xxx

  4. Pretty pretty pretty! Galaxy nails are just awesome, I must say :) xx