Dip Hem Skirts

August 13, 2012

I am completely addicted to everything with a dip hem at the moment especially skirts when I saw one of my friends wearing a dip hem skirt with a crop top clubbing - it looked sophisticated, fashionable and sexy! I've seen millions of black and navy blue coloured ones but I've been on the search for some more bright, floral patterned skirts and here are my top three! 

I really liked the blue one as it's quite long at the back compared to the other tow, you can dress it with some sandels for holiday or stick on a pair of heels ready to go out! I also love royal blue at the moment so this colour is screaming out to me! It can be matched with a pastel coloured top for day time and then a dark coloured shirt for evening wear!

The coral coloured dip hem skirt is something I havn't seen a lot of, I like the way it pleats at the front as well as the length of it at the back! Personally, I could imagine this more as a dressy day time outfit especially because of the peachy coral colour! The reason as to why I picked this is because I don't think I have any clothes this colour and I've really gotten into colour blocking so I can imagine so many tops in my wardrobe doing with this! I'd love to grunge up this skirt and really contrast the colour with studs, spikes and crosses etc...

The Topshop skirt may just be my favourite of the three, I love floral but hate it when the pattern is to 'in your face' where as this pattern is very subtle and dark, again perfect for night time or day. I think I would have probably taken this away with me on holiday if I had seen it sooner. It's a real girly girl skirt but knowing me I'd love to pair it with something like a leather jacket to grunge it up a little bit!

What's your favourite?
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Gemma x

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  1. I love the new look one the most... I tried that one on!

    CAT xo