Good Things Review

August 14, 2012

I was sent out these products a while back and originally I had never heard about them at all! Good Things are a simple, inexpensive brand aimed a younger people to help with their skin and look after it. The first thing that drew to my attention is the amount and range of different fruits in each product which makes them smell so amazing, good enough to eat! The three products I received are a part of their Anti Blemish range, I sometimes get little blemishes on my face so these products actually made me eager to try them! 

Starting with the Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser, it has extracts of Mango and Blueberry and I would say is more concentrated on oily skin. This bottle is only £4.99 which I think is great especially as it's aimed at younger skin. After using it for a week I noticed that my skin was instantly less oily and my skin has started to get clearer. I really liked the smell of this one as it was really refreshing and left my face feeling clean. I let my sister who's 15 also try this as she suffers from oily skin and we both saw a dramatic change as her skin is much clearer and is never as oily.

Next with the Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser I liked putting this on before my make up as this moisturiser never left an oily substance making me not want to put my make up on after. It made my skin feel really smooth and matte but at the same time really hydrated. This moisturiser is a little more expensive with it being £7.99 which does slightly put me off although I have actually found this moisturiser to work well with my skin so I would consider this product in the future.

With the Stop that Spot Clearing Gel this was my favourite product out of the three. I would put it on my blemishes the night before and when waking up they had reduced massively, it has become my substitute for sudocream.  This product is also £4.99 which I think it good in comparison with similar gels like this, especially as this one works wonders! 

Overall I really do like these products and cannot believe I have never heard of them before hand, they smell beautiful and none of three didn't have some sort of effect on my skin to help make it clearer!

Gemma x

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  1. Sounds like a great collection. Especially if they smell that good, I'd love to get my hands on them. x