Liz Earle Perfect Fix Concealer

August 11, 2012

(Sorry for the scary eyes)

First thing I need to mention is that the concealer isn't actually the dark in person, I'm quite pale and this shade is perfect for me! I havn't used a stick concealer since year 8 and I'm now going into my first year of Uni (hopefully). I used the Collection brand and looking back I used to love it but then I found out about liquid concealer and I have never gone back since. When getting the chance to review this concealer I thought I'd try it out and see if I could regain my love for it. 

The picture above is where I've applied a few dots and then patted in with my finger, as you can see it has covered my horrible eye bags really well, and the picture was taken with flash on as well! I have been searching for a concealer that covers under my eyes well without looking to cakey and this concealer has taken me by surprise. I havn't actually been using any other concealer besides this one and I am so pleased with how amazing it is! When trying this on blemishes I wasn't sure at first but I've now warmed up to it and it also covers blemishes really well! I personally would say it's better at covering dark circle so if you have dark circle and minimal blemishes this concealer is perfect for you!

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Gemma x

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  1. Not that I think or know that you have dark circles, but this really seems to work and photograph well! There are concealers that do not do well while being photographed on a person (I know from experience sadly lol). Do you know if this brand is sold in America? I'd love to grab my hands on one! xx

  2. I love the idea of stick concealers, I wanted to try the NARS one so badly but couldn't find a proper shade match. Does this Liz Earle concealer have a good shade selection for darker skin tones? If it does, I think I might give it a try! It looks like it does a great job covering up dark circles.

  3. oh i love this post!
    really good!
    Love the blog btw, so great, you have amazing taste!
    Could you please check mine out please?
    would be an honour!
    thanks so much! keep up the good work!