Batiste Grafitti and Paisley Review

November 04, 2012

Batiste have introduced two new dry shampoos to add to the team, Grafitti and Paisley. Paisley has a real fruity fragrence to it with a slight kick making it quite different to the previous Batiste's. I love the quirky design on the can and would say this can literally sums up me, my favourite so far! Grafitti has a more of a musky modern smell to it which is also very unique, I'm already a massive fan! I also love the urban design in the can, quite different to previous designs and definatly stand out in stores. Both new fragrences are so refreshing and different to their previous dry shampoos and at only £2.99 this is my new pick up when I go out shopping in Superdrug.

A little bit off topic but I wanted to share this with you guys. This month I will be featuring on Debenhams Minizine on their website - HOW AMAZING! I won't give away too much and will definatly be spamming all social media when it is up so keep an eye out for me on their homepage!

Gemma x

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