Friday, November 02, 2012

Liz Earle Perfect Finish Powder Foundation Review


Liz Earle seem to be getting better and better with make up and one of their recent products is their Perfect Finish Powder Foundation. I've never used a compact Powder Foundation and this product has really changed my mind on them. I thought that they probably couldn't give me enough coverage and would make me look like powder however this product gives me an amazing coverage and covers all my blemishes, it doesn't give me a powdered look and leaves a nice matte tone to my skin while look healthy. One thing I noticed was how light it was on my skin and there were points in the day when I had to think if I put foundation on today, it's a great sized with a compact mirror making it great to carry with you in your bag throughout the day. The product also comes with a sponge applicator, so again perfect to take with you on your day out. The sponge is actually really nice and soft making it easy to apply onto my skin. The sponge didn't hold too much of the product and also it spread the powder evenly across my face. 

I would find myself having to top up during the day but you really do need a minimal amount in the first place when applying this powder. It kept my skin matte especially my T-Zone which can sometimes be a problem. The powder comes in a variety of different shades and I would definatly recommend this to people with oily skin but not many blemishes as it is a medium coverage.

What do you think about this product?
Gemma x


Holly said...

This looks great! I love Liz Earle make-up :)

Amie Haffenden said...

Sounds lovely :)! xx

One Little Vice said...

I need something to balance out my tzone but that also covers redness as my cheeks are so pigmented! I normally have to layer powder over a foundation/bb cream. This sounds like the sort of thing I'd use as a powder rather than a full on foundation. When my Body Shop face base runs out I might replace it with this :) xx

Angelica [One Little Vice]

Gemma Bellfield said...

Their make up is truly amazing :) xxx

Gemma Bellfield said...

It really is amazing :) xx

Gemma Bellfield said...

Yeah that's a good idea, I recently have used it as a good concealer/powder to set my make up. You should definatly give this a go! xx

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