Smooch Lip Pencils Review

November 01, 2012

(I'm wearing Nearly Naked)
Smooch - Nearly Naked & Perfect Pout - £4.95

Everywhere I look I will always see at least one person with statement lips or at least some lipstick, I personally have never really gotten into lipsticks and think a more natural shade suits me better however a natural lipstick still looks weird to me. I've decided to try out some lip pencils, these are from Smooch and there are 4 different colours however these are their two most natural colours. I would say Perfect Pout had more red undertones and Nearly Naked is the perfect natural colour for me. I really like the matte yet moisturising look it gives to your lips without looking like they've been smothered in something. So far I've been wearing Nearly Naked everyday as it makes my lips stand out more and weirdly I've had a few comments on them since wearing this. I would say, as I'm not a big lips girl, I would wear Perfect Pout on a night out to complete the look and use Nearly Naked as an everyday lip pencil. 

One side is the actual pencil and the other side is a brush, the brush isn't the most greatest brush I've ever used but it is a good little idea as some days I will apply the pencil and use a gloss, the brush on the other ends makes it easy to apply! At £4.95 I don't think you can go wrong, there are such lovely shades whether you're like me or more daring, it comes with a brush and pencil and the actual wear of the pencil lasts me all day so barely any need for top ups! I'm so glad I tried these although I don't think my purse is as I really want to invest in loads of different shades, who knows this could be my step into lipsticks!

What do you think of them?
Gemma x

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