BGO Poker Night

April 01, 2013


So not too long ago I was contacted and asked if I wanted to host a Poker Night linked with BGO. I was gifted with a poker set, Ocean's Eleven and £30 Pizza Hut Voucher, all I had to do was supply the friends, venue and host the evening! Of course, knowing my friends we added a few cocktails to the evening which turnt out amazing! Despite us not being the best poker players we were definatly the best cocktail makers!

It was actually a really fun idea with my friends as usually we would go out but this made a nice change, who would have thought?! A nice evening in with friends, poker, DVD, cocktails and pizza. I'd defiantly do something like this again as it mixes things up plus we all had a really good laugh and catch up, not something you can always do in public! After we had a few cocktails and poker games we decided to get the pizza in and set up the DVD for a nice sit down and end to the evening.

Despite being kindly gifted all these products, this idea can actually work out as a cheap night in! You may need to buy a poker set or borrow one, play a DVD and put £5 in for some pizzas! We chose to add cocktails but that's just us! Overall we had such a lovely evening and we all agreed to do something like it again. 

What do you think of this idea?
Gemma x

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  1. Love this idea, nothing beats a good night in!

    Jess xo