Find Your Voice

April 02, 2013

(photography by me)

So Amelia Lily is the new face of the 'Make Mine Milk' campaign and they're giving you the chance of meeting her! All you need to do is send them a song or a poem about beating bullying or finding your voice. Watch the video above for more information if you want to get involved! Perfect for people who are massive fans of Amelia Lily and that feel very passionate about this subject. I will be giving it a shot! 

I think it's a lovely idea this campaign and bullying is one of those topics that aren't talked about enough so I'm definatly supporting this one. I don't think people realise how common bullying is and how many people never take a stand to it. I like the idea of this campaign and how it gives people a chance to be creative and maybe try to talk about it in more of a positive light. I'm excited to see some of the outcomes and what people come up with!

Are you going to take part?
Gemma x

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