Cream Soda Goodness

April 16, 2013

I realise that I'm posting a few food related posts at the moment and that's unusual of me but I was sent out a few products from Cyber Candy and lets just say they tasted too good to wait to blog about them! I was kindly gifted this cream soda from the brand Iron Horse, I don't know about you but I'm a lover of cream soda but have only ever tried the ones in the supermarkets here. When being asked which soda I wanted to review I picked some cream soda options as I really wanted to know what real cream soda tasted like, not that the ones I tasted weren't real but they were just cheap brands where as Iron Horse is an American company and cream soda is their thang. 

The packaging is quite standard, not very exciting but plain. But it's what counts on the inside right? If you were having an American themed party these would be great to stock up on and use as beverages for the party as the bottle gives it a mature feel where as when I think of cream soda I think of crazy 9 year old me getting hyper off of it! 

When I tasted my mouth dropped. Never have a tasted a drink so good in my life. I'm not at the best at describing things but this was heaven in a bottle, it wasn't too sweet but enough to have as a sweet drink. It also wasn't that fizzy which was actually perfect, I have when you drink a really fizzy drink and it makes your nose all tingly, this one was perfect in fizzness! The actual flavour of this drink was strong and made me question what I was actually drinking before. If you've never tried cream soda, make sure you try this as this is the real cream soda! 

Gemma x

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