Sugarhill Boutique + Poppy Lux Event

August 16, 2013


These two brands are probably my favourite simply because I loved every single piece of clothing at their press event! They are fairly similar brands with Poppy Lux focused more on the younger teenagers with a slightly lower pricing range than Sugarhill Boutique. I really loved the detailing and the prints, the prints of sugarhill boutique were my favourite as they were so unique. I took some close ups above where you can see how pretty the prints were. Unfortunately the lighting wasn't the greatest at the venue and the photographs don't do any of the clothing justice but I will definately be purchasing some of the range shortly so I will feature them in outfit posts for you guys to see how beautiful the clothing is. 

My favourite was a black and white checked crop and skirt, they would look so cute together! I really love the vibe of both brands, they so me and I can't wait for their collection to be in stores. If you're looking for some unique pieces that focuses on detailing and unique prints then these are the brands for you this christmas period. Personally, I loved Sugarhill Boutique that little bit more as I fall in love with a good old print and I love chiffon tea dresses which they seemed to do a lot of, however they have focused a little bit more on other pieces of clothing and the metallic shorts that you can see above are to die for.

What is your favourite print?
Gemma x

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  1. I love the rabbits in the hat!!! So adorable!

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love