Love Boo Haircare Review

October 16, 2013

Love Boo - Shampoo*, Conditioner*, Detangling Spray*

I received an email not too long ago asking if I wanted to review some Loveboo products however I had never heard of the brand before so I decided to do some research. Loveboo are a brand who use natural incredients and has a range of mummy, baby, luxury and haircare products. The packaging is not the most important but it is extremely cute. I love the design and the colours, it makes it so pretty. When you smell the products they remind me a little bit of talc powder however I kind of like it alot? When I first applied the detangling spray I was loving the coconut scent and this pretty much won me over.

The shampoo and conditioner are of natural ingredients and leaves your hair really soft and shiny, as it promises on the packaging. The scent of them is actually very pleasant too, I genuinely look forward to using it when in the shower! These products are great as my mum can even use them who has really sensitive skin. At £8.99 each I would class them towards the more high end of the market as spending £16.00 on a shampoo and conditioner is not something I could afford to do all the time, especially as a student. However baring in mind all of the natural ingredients and goodness it does for my hair I wouldn't mind splashing out now and them. You barely need any product as well so it can potentially last you a while as the bottles are 250ml each. 

The detangling spray is my favourite out of them all. It has the exact same scent of coconut, fig and argan oil and really works wonders on my hair. Recently, as my hair is getting longer it's getting a bit harder to manager so once out of the shower I spray this on towel dried hair, then brush it through! Easy peasy. Not only does it detangle my hair it also has a slight anti-frizz to it so that my hair is a lot more tame as well as shiny. This product is £11.99 but is definately justifiable from the quality of the products. Again, it's something I would splash out on here and there as I feel it's an investment.

Have you tried Loveboo before?
Gemma x

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  1. There are a lot of companies which are advertising under natural ingredients banner but true Natural Organic Care products are very hard to find.