Pasta Workshop at Millenium Hotel

October 17, 2013

I know exactly what you're thinking... yum! A few weeks ago I was invited down to the Millunium Hotel for a pasta workshop. It's kind of become a ritual now but I have officially fallen in love with their hotels. We were greeted with champagne and then taught how to make pasta from scratch. Now I can't cook anything so this was super intense for me however it is a lot easier than I imagined. I'd like to think I would try this once in my life but I know that will never happen. After the brilliant workshop we were treated to a meal at the Millennium Hotel and I had never tried their food before but was extremely impressed. I had salmon for the starter, grilled baby chicken for mains and a prosecco dessert. It was delicious. 

I'm always impressed by their events and workshops they host that I always feel the need to rave about them. If you guys need any more information on the hotel feel free to email/tweet, I feel like I practially live there now (I wish). 

Gemma x

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  1. What a fun thing to do. I've been to quite a few cookery courses, and it's always a laugh and a great day out :o). Xx

  2. Sounds lovely! & looks delish x