Simplybe - Eye Make-up Corrector Pen Review

October 18, 2013

Simplybe - Corrector Pen*

This product is pretty much the calling of all beauty girls prayers. There's nothing more that annoys me when I get my liquid eyeliner to go perfectly until I accidently smudge it above resulting me in having to remove it all and do some rubbish replacement. However, now I have this handy product I will never have to experience this again. The product is nice a compact so it's easy to fit into your bag wherever you go, it also has a brilliantly sized applicator allowing you to get into those awkward spots on your eyelid. Once you have corrected your mistakes you MUST clean the applicator with a wipe of some sort. It will clean the applicator so next time you go to use it, it won't smudge a big black line on your eyelid. 

You can see below for proof of how this product works miracles, I really don't need to explain anymore. You can see on the above photograph that the eyeliner isn't completely smooth but I have gone in with the product and cleaned it up to give a sleek look. I'm really pleased with this product and it's so handy to have incase you're in a rush in the morning and need to just tidy a mistake up. 

Gemma x

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