The Lava Shells Massage

December 14, 2013

A while back I received an email about Lava Shells Massage and I was instantly intrigued. I thought, a massage with shells, that can't be very relaxing can it, however I replied back saying that I would give the massage a shot and would love to review it on my blog. Before I went I did a bit of research and the Lava Shells which are sources from the Philippines are fundraising for The Disaster Emergency Committee by encouraging their 1500 UK spas and salons to run special fundraising promotions. They are recycled Tiger Clam Shells from the Philippines and were originally used for food then thrown away. These shells are then recycled and specifically shaped and polished to use within massage. The shell has a hole in the middle which you apply the Lava Gel Activator to heat the shell which allows the shell to ease tension and toxins from the body. It really is an amazing process and you can find out more about the shells and treatment here.

Moving on the massage I have never been so shocked in my life. It was probably the best massage I have had and will always opt for this massage over a normal one. As soon as it was finished I felt that my body was a lot more relaxed and even the masseuse said I was a lot less tense. I received the massage at Lomax which is a seriously beautiful place, it has an amazing design inside and runs a variety of fitness sessions as well as selling healthy and organic food and drink. I was greeted by Nikki who literally is the Lava Shell Queen and was the given a short tour followed by the massage room where my 90 minute treatment began. The shell was lovely and warm especially from the cold day outside and she was very skilled with the way she used the shell as well as making me feel relaxed. 

I would recommend everybody to get a Lava Shell Massage right now, not only are you helping the fundraiser but you will get the best experience of your life. Like I said, I will always opt for a Lava Shell Massage and I'm surprised that more salons and spas don't offer this service!

Gemma x

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