La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+

January 22, 2014

 La Roche-Posay - Effaclar Duo+*
Available from larger Boots stores and online at and

 This is probably the quickest I've featured a product on my blog but I guess that reflects my excitement! Last night I went to the La Roche-Posay event where they discussed their new product, Effaclar Duo+. Unfortunately I could only stay around for a short while so the brief discussion I had about the difference between this and the standard Effaclar Duo is that this one will also target red marks/pigmentation from blemishes. I don't know about you but I hate those pesky red marks as they always last longer than the actual blemish. This new product can show results from even 24 hours such as imperfections being less red. Obviously, you will have a more dramatic result within 4 weeks with pours being unclogged, skin texture refines, shine and oily areas are regulated. 

The texture of this product was to my surprise not sticky at all. It is a really smooth texture and sinks into the skin quickly giving you a soft and soothing effect. I also noticed it giving matte finish to my skin as well as moisturising feel. They recommend to cleanse your face first and then apply the effaclar duo+ in the morning and/or evening. I used my Liz Earle Cleanser and then applied the cream last night and this morning. I really like how this feels on my skin and can't wait to give a review in a few weeks to see if there has been a more dramatic result in my skin. So far my skin feels soft, clean and fresh and I really enjoy applying it. 

The RRP is £15.50 which I think is extremely affordable for such an effective product.

Gemma x

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  1. This sounds brilliant! I'm a huge fan of the regular Effaclar Duo, so i'm excited to try this :) xx

    1. So far it's amazing :) can't wait to see the long term results! xx