Nude Lipstick Review

January 15, 2014

 Mary Kay - 

You will rarely see me with lipstick on, I never feel like I can pull it off however I have been searching for the perfect nude shade in order to get me into the lipstick world. I never seem to find the perfect shade that doesn't look too obvious but evens out the colour. When I was emailed by Mary Kay about their New True Dimensions Range and saw this shade I decided to give it a try just before I lost hope. This seriously is just perfect. It's the perfect shade for my lips, it's very natural looking, makes my lips look plump and full and has the slightest shine to it. At £14.00 I don't think is too bad for a good quality lipstick these days.

The packaging is sleek and stylish and feels like what it's worth. I really can't fault this product, it's given hope for me and lipstick together and who knows, I might dwell into the other shades too! I wouldn't usually think of Mary Kay when it comes to my first choice make up but it's definately opened my eyes to try out some more of their products as everything I have tried so far have been of such amazing quality!

Have you tried Mary Kay before?
Gemma x

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  1. I haven't heard of this brand before but I like how slim the applicator is. The colour is fab for daily wear as well.