Balance Me Moisturiser SPF 25

March 29, 2014

Balance Me - Moisturiser SPF25* 
RRP £26.00 (Launching Spring 2014)

Whenever I get my skin analysed I am always recommended to get a moisturiser with some soft of SPF in it. No matter what the weather try to wear one with an SPF in it as even though the sun might not be visable the UVA and UVB rays can still damage your skin. By using this moisturiser it protects your skin from these rays and is also suitable for all skin types as well as very sensitive skin. This is the product I will be taking on holiday with me as I don't usually like applying suncream on my face. By using this it will moisturise my skin and protect it without leaving a sticky white residue. 

Balance me are known for their natural products and this product is 99% natural so it will be lovely on your skin and do lovely thing for it! It includes essential acids, vitamins and oils that will help replenish the skin. Like mentioned before, it won't whiten the skin and it is easily absorbed without blocking pores, perfect for summer time! You can put this under your makeup or as a suncream on holiday like I'm planning to! I love the consistency and texture which is why it's a key summer product for me. 

Do you use any SPF products?
Gemma x

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  1. Seems like a wonderful product!! :)

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  2. Nice product . I am following you now . Mind to follow back?

  3. I always use stuff with SPF in it too, it makes so much sense and it's so easy to work into your routine with little effort! xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog