Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unleash the tropics with Radox

 The other evening I was kindly invited down to the most amazing event ever. It was in Shoreditch on a rooftop which included a swimming pool, yes I said swimming pool on a rooftop! The event was to celebrate the latest additions to the Fresh and Fruity range, my favourite range of Radox! They are the perfect addition to a morning shower as they are so refreshing and smell amazing. If you smelt each shower gel you would straight away tell which one it is, I love a good fruity scent and these are just perfect. The Mango Mayhem and Passion Fruit Splash are the new additions to the range which includes Coconut Kiss, Berry Burst and Cherry Blash. They are all created with a special blend of fruit extracts and stimulating fragrances which will make you want to live in the shower.

Personally my favourite is the Mango or Berry as they smell amazing. The shower gels lather well and makes your skin smell fresh and gorgeous. They are currently half price in Superdrug costing you a mere £0.96p or 6 for £5 at Boots!  

What one do you want to try?
Gemma x


Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

They all smell super fresh and lovely :o) Xx

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Gemma Bellfield said...

They do don't they! They're defo my favs xx

vicki said...

I used the Berry one last year and really like the fruity scent. I didn't realise they had a whole range. I need to try a few more

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